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Super Stylish. Super Green. Super Mint.

In a world that is moving beyond fast fashion. Supermint brings you new cutting-edge choices of ready-to-wear women’s garment and accessories from talented Asian designers. SuperMint values timeless designs, durable materials, and transparent labelling.

Modern day women have their own thoughts. Many of them are tired of pervasive high street trends. They prefer characteristic designs with high quality as well as eco-friendly in conscience without the excessive designer price tag. Supermint understands the value of what our customers are searching for because Supermint also values the environment and the fashion industry.

SuperMint is all about enabling women to be themselves. It brings them under-the-radar designer brands from one-of-a-kind dresses to the most popular suit jackets of the season. Supermint’s selections are from a range of new brands from up-and-coming Chinese names, progressive Korean labels to independent Japanese brands. SuperMint offers a wide collection of feminine pieces for all women.

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