Secret Escort

Secret Escort
Secret Escort
Secret Escort
Secret Escort
Secret Escort

Designer: KIKI CHAU

HKD 420.00


  • Lens: AC (Acrylic)
  • Frame: Metal
  • Legs: Metal

Size & Fit:

  • Eye size: 57 mm
  • Bridge/Temple size: 12/145 mm


About KIKI CHAU | China

Kiki Chau aims to resonate with people who live to inspire souls. Kiki graduated from Maragoni College in Italy in 2017 and founded her brand Kiki Chau soon after.  Kiki Chau presents a sense of European craftsmanship, through Italian designer, Damon F. Giannocaro. This luxury resort brand dedicates chic and modern freedom for the urban woman and leisurely vacationer. Kiki Chau composes a minimal, clean design and uses the most comfortable European fabrics. Her designs transcend and appeal to a wide range of fans, using light and elegant touches to make the wearer reveal a romance within.

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