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Maxi Glitter Evening Gowns: The Ultimate Christmas Glow

Maxi Glitter Evening Gowns: The Ultimate Christmas Glow
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The excitement of Christmas is all around us. As a Christmas party dress – or more – is an essential, these eight holiday staples will glitter you up.

Never could you go wrong with a silver dress, Kiki Chau’s design simply let its glamor turn heads around – you’re all set for champaign showers!

Shuxuan G.’s gold maxi dress gives off just the right amount of glamor for over-the-top parties, elevated by the super deep plunging neckline and a backless moment.

Black always makes a polished aura. Shuxuan G. crafts the most sensual pieces embracing your curves – particularly this cut-out dress.

Another black favorite from us is this dress from Kiki Chau, giving off a cool but nonchalant feel thanks to its masterful cut, and an attention-grabbing slit.

Lean into a whimsical vibe with this dress by Kiki Chau, boasting a pink hue just to add a retro touch to your look!

Offering both nude pink and dark red colorways, this v-neck dress from Kiki Chau marries effortlessness with nuance, and sexiness with chicness.

An ode to the disco scene, Kiki Chau’s shimmery dress light up the night with delicate shine and joy.

EveRo Yee’s glistening dress will make you a rock star, offering black and champagne colorways it unfurls your rebellious soul.

There’s never too much of an evening glamor, and to celebrate Christmas, more is more! Come by our store or online shop for these looks and more.




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