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Moving Away From Fast Fashion - A New Shopping Destination

Moving Away From Fast Fashion - A New Shopping Destination
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Quitting fast fashion is easier said than done because who doesn’t like a $20 top?! But if you actually care about the quality of your clothing, the environment and the people who make your clothes, you should really get to know how your clothes are made.

Fast fashion is bad for the environment and many of the people who make those clothes work in dangerous places and not being paid a living wage! How crazy is that?

People are starting to notice about things like this, but when we walk on the street, all we can find are those big fast fashion retailers.


So, what’s next?

I was actually quite thrilled to discover Supermint! There aren’t that many online shops out there that does sustainable fashion, let alone an Asian designer focused select store.

Supermint curates a list of designers brands mainly from Asia, for example China, Japan, and Korea. I was lucky enough to try on a few pieces from their collections!

1. Xiu Waves and pearls earrings
I love these asymmetrical earrings. the asymmetrical element gives so much character to the look. Xiu’s collection is all about beads and craftsmanship, and they usually come in black and white. Super classy.

2. Qoboqo earring

This pair of earrings has a retro look and they definitely make a statement for your outfit. I find this shade of gold really compliments my Asian skin tone! It goes really well with my camel color top as well.


3. Chloe Francis – Dalmatian print flats

These babies are made of pony hair and they are one of the most comfortable flats I have tried! Seriously. I love how they made the shoes with extra padding on the sole and the heel area so the first time I step my foot inside the shoe, I exclaimed “Oh my god. so soft!”. They are definitely my hard working everyday flats! Goes perfectly well with a pair of skinny jeans.


4. QULU burgundy box bag

I prefer bags with structure and this box bag has everything that I like about a bag. I like the beautiful burgundy color and how it is very structured. My favorite part is the handle! It’s just so cute to hold it with the round handle on top, it makes holding the bag so ladylike. It’s classy but still have a contemporary vibe to it!

5. PICOMENT Gold tail bone necklace

This is one of those items that I am obsessed with, because it is those multi purpose items! It can be a ring or a necklace, depending on how you would like to style it that day. It’s a chunky ring on your hand and it looks so simple and timeless as a necklace.



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