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SUPERMINT Offical Lauch Party

SUPERMINT Offical Lauch Party
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 (Hong Kong, 12 July 2019) Supermint’s exciting online shop was officially launching in Hong Kong at the end of July, followed by an exclusive reveal of it’s upcoming collection.


Supermint is a brand new, curated online destination for the strong, independent woman. The platform was created to help discover Asian fashion designers and brands from Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea who make timeless designs, using enduring materials and transparent labelling without the designer price tag.

Faced with the highly competitive, grim reality of the fashion industry, particularly for emerging Asian designers, founder of Supermint, Chloe Zhang, recognized a need for greater commercial support and a much more visible market presence for these emerging talents to shine. As such, Supermint was born.


Not just an online store, Supermint is also a growing community, promoting and upholding the values of Asian designers. Keep an eye out for Supermint’s exciting events and pop-ups in Hong Kong, inviting the out-of-town designers to connect with fashion savvy customers.

The official launch


On the 26th of July, Supermint hosted a celebratory meet-and-greet with the founder, Chloe Zhang, and three talented designers, Yee Si, Namoo and Fever Wang from the upcoming collection at the Hive, Wan Chai. Also featured in the collection is Speculum, an eyewear brand hailing from Korea and Rinrata, a women's wear brand originating from Thailand. The collection showcased original clothing and jewellery designs from cutting-edge designers across Asia, all under one roof.

People were cordially invited to join us at the official launch. Come relax and enjoy the first of many Supermint events. As Chloe said, “It is about connecting people and bringing designers and fashion lovers under one roof to share their stories - getting to know the designers: their backgrounds and their inspirations is an amazing way to build a strong presence for new Asian brands.”






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