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Introduction to SUPERMINT Sustainability

Introduction to SUPERMINT Sustainability
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SUPERMINT Sustainability

Supermint, our newly formed e-retail destination for Asian fashion designers, focuses on changing the way we view and shop for clothes. Our brand includes the word “mint”, a plant which symbolises freshness, sustainability, and green fashion. We believe in “buy less, buy better” - a practice of buying higher quality, timeless pieces and lessening the desire to shop excessively, which is the apparent trend in modern society. Supermint strongly believes in fair trade and chooses suppliers who work in ethical working conditions with a fair wage. Fast fashion wastes many clothes because consumers are constantly changing their styles based on the trends of the seasons, encouraged by mass-producing fashion industries.

Don’t be alarmed! It's never too late to change and break free from this mentality. Chloe Zhang, the founder of Supermint, once succumbed to this trend but realised the negative impact it created on the environment. Be selective about brands you wear, and be conscious of the effect it has on the environment. Make that choice to choose a sustainable brand whenever possible.  Choosing styles which create your own “look”, using timeless and practical designs can reduce any need to buy clothes regularly. Many young labels and some international brands are now concentrating on a season-less collection and adding new items to complement the existing main collection. Take the lead, and consider this way as you make new purchases too. Supermint emphasises on sustainability and transparency; by highlighting more about the origins and manufacturing of your clothes. We care about the story behind the brand ’s, and our customers do too.

We aim to encourage slow fashion for sustainability in the online community by sharing a commitment to promoting a sustainable attitude and way of living. By placing responsibility in our business practice, we find innovative and ecological solutions towards social and environmental change. Supermint focuses on finding suppliers who share the same values and follow the expectations of Supermint’s value of sustainability to promote to our customers. We are continuously improving business methods and finding new ways to maximise environmental efforts and reduce waste and damage.


How does Supermint incorporate sustainability?

At Supermint:

Sustainable working environments

  • We ensure that Supermint follows high ethical standards and follows these consistently, using ethical and comfortable working environments, as well as fair wages. Working environments are visited first, to be sure that working conditions comply with Supermint expectations.

FEVER WANG studio in 2018

Reducing excessive waste

  • Supermint suppliers use less waste when producing materials, and never mass produces garments. This can reduce excessive waste of fabric and material, and instead provide a limited supply of products for customers.

FEVER WANG studio in 2018 

High quality, long lasting products

  • Supermint ensures that suppliers follow the required expectations of Supermint guidelines, with emphasis on materials used and business methods. We aim to maintain a close relationship with Supermint suppliers to monitor that processes are following high standards. By having high -quality, long-lasting products, this eliminates the need to buy products regularly.


    How sustainable fashion is impacting our lifestyle

     Fashion is a universal trend which allows people to express themselves through clothing. In a world which produces fashion garments excessively through big brands and corporations, fast fashion and consumer behaviour affect environmental and sociological factors. Thus, there is a need for change in the way people buy fashion, and sustainable fashion (also called eco-fashion) is an innovative way forward. It aims to reduce these human impacts on the environment and social responsibility.

    What is sustainable fashion? The clothes, shoes, and accessories in the manufacturing process must use environmental and socio-economically sustainable methods throughout the product lifecycle. By becoming a more informed fashion consumer, it benefits the workers, environment and yourself. People are looking for sustainable fashion brands which provide transparency and show customers how and where products are sourced. We believe that the new wave of consumers feel more confident and create long-lasting relationships with brands that hold the same values as them.

    Some fashion companies realise the need for change in production, distribution and marketing practices, by implementing strategies towards a sustainable future. Nowadays, there are brands which provide recycling systems for the unwanted clothes of consumers, which can increase textile recycling. Companies are also focusing on creating products which embody high quality and timelessness, so buyers don’t feel the need to keep purchasing extensively. Slow fashion, therefore, focuses on this environmentally-friendly approach of creating fewer fashion items to discourage consumers from buying too many clothes. It also allows people to concentrate on purchasing high-quality, essential products which they know can last for an extended period.  

    The main benefits of sustainable fashion:

    1. Sustainable fashion is better for the environment and creates much less waste than fast fashion.
    1. Transparency is vital in eco-fashion, so being able to see the entire supply chain shows that it supports the workers ethically.
    1. Slow fashion lasts for a longer time. Timeless and well-made designs outlast trendy fast fashion.
    1. Products which was ethically sourced are also usually made with higher quality materials (and safer for your skin), using fewer GMOs and pesticides in growing the materials.
    1. Sustainable fashion includes many vegan products, therefore supporting animal rights and opposing animal cruelty.


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