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Chloe Zhang
Chloe Zhang — the proud Founder of SUPERMINT, was once an office lady in the art and investment industry. Like many other career women out there, she was tired of the pervasive high fashion trends - but was unable to find unique and premium fashion pieces without the luxury price tags.
As an environmentalist and fashion connoisseur, Chloe came across a documentary that showcased how the fashion industry has been polluting the world and even leveraging labour exploitation and sweatshops in their supply chains. Those heartbreaking images and footage became the catalyst for her desire to create change. Taking a leap of faith, she left her corporate job and single-handedly launched - 'SUPERMINT' in 2018.
As our name suggests, SUPERMINT strives to be "the" breath of fresh-minty-air that promotes slow fashion in Asia’s trend-driven market.
We are a third-party marketplace for undiscovered, sustainable and ethical fashion designers to present their talents globally - while spreading the awareness of shopping with an environmental conscience.
When it comes to having brands who share their same vision on board, Chloe pays extra care and attention by handpicking everything herself. She personally visits designers at their workplaces to evaluate their sustainability and ethical statuses in terms of their materials used, quality of items, production conditions and daily business operations.
At SUPERMINT we believe that both our designers and customers deserve the best. Hence, we adopt an honest-pricing approach. Product prices are primarily determined by designers themselves for their craftsmanship. Moreover, products are shipped directly from our designers’ studios to not only reduce costs , carbon footprint, but also to fulfil our customer’s tailoring requests in the most efficiently manner.
Shopping at SUPERMINT is all about buying less, by buying better.
Our artisanal garments are produced in limited quantities with the finest materials to withstand the test of time. We care about the environment, we care about fashion, and we care about you.


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