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Xiang is the founder and head of design for Yuel Xiang. After graduating from IFA Paris of Fashion Design & Image in 2010, she started her eponymous fashion house Yuel Xiang in 2012. Her designs are both sophisticated and modern; “clean silhouettes, quality, craftsmanship and fit” are the core of her minimalist aesthetics. Make this your go-to brand for tailored separates that are cool yet composed, and not overdone.



Grace H | China


Grace H is a demi-fine jewellery Chinese designer brand, created by Grace Liu. One of the more established brands, it is well-received by the growing fans in China. Grace H has won numerous awards and nominations in the past, including the Italian A’ Design Award. Combining her love for the East and Western, her designs fuses perfectly the new perception of “Beauty”, executed by her eastern tooling method and balanced by her western experience. The artisans believed that each item possesses a soul, and within each piece, they have a different personality. Chinese celebrities such as Cherrie Yang, Lin Yun, Lin Yuan, and Joe Chan Qiao En are fans of the brand.





Wang Wen studied in France and graduated from the Fashion Design Institute Paris Garment Union College and founded her namesake brand in 2013. Fever Wang is a workwear brand that creates a streamlined yet feminine silhouette with quality fabrics. The designer's inspiration is to give the modern career women comfortable and contemporary choices for their hectic life. Monochromatic colours are understated and timeless, allowing mix and match that much easier.





Based in Shanghai, Atelier Miss Lu was created by Miss Lu in 2013. Atelier Miss Lu is a brand that is for the sophisticated women seeking style beyond the stereotypical career suits, mixed high street brands, and unpractical dresses. It presents the beauty of a multifaceted woman from her workplace, and into a glamorous night out in town. Effortless, graceful and eternally elegant, Atelier Miss Lu is all about making a woman feel confident. Every stitch and cut of the fabric is created to highlight her beautiful, modern and timeless self, a feeling that will never go out of date.



XIU China


Xiu was founded in Shanghai by X in 2012 after graduated from the China Academy of Art.  Her signature style is a result of her unique production method. The jewellery collection is handcrafted, allowing the embroidered elements of colours and beads to blend harmoniously. For every style of earrings, it comes in ear-clip and studs, which allows for different ways to be worn.





Kiki Chau aims to resonate with people who live to inspire souls. Kiki graduated from Maragoni College in Italy in 2017 and founded her brand Kiki Chau soon after.  Kiki Chau presents a sense of European craftsmanship, through Italian designer, Damon F. Giannocaro. This luxury resort brand dedicates chic and modern freedom for the urban woman and leisurely vacationer. Kiki Chau composes a minimal, clean design and uses the most comfortable European fabrics. Her designs transcend and appeal to a wide range of fans, using light and elegant touches to make the wearer reveal a romance within.



PICOMENT South Korea


Picoment is a contemporary brand based in South Korea. Picoment aims to design a stream of consciousness in a modern way, without being tied to traditional forms. The word pico stands for small units and movements, much like Picoment’s artisan silver jewellery and contemporary bags, which represent the concise, minimal and sustainable designs for the modern woman.



MIA MING | China


Established in 2016, Mia Ming, the origin of the brand name consists, of "mia" in Italian which translates to "my". The designer's inspiration is to create a brand that is predominately an ode to oneself, especially an ode to a woman's self-awareness.  The brand DNA is soft, womanly and unforgettable.  The designer emphasises women's feminine, refined and elegant design style, and promotes versatility and a non-seasonal wear concept.





Zhen Xuan Liu's design reflects the philosophy of minimalism with a sophisticated twist, with hidden details that are delicate and unique for the wearer's pleasure. Using high-quality fabrics sourced from Britain and Japan, Liu values and approaches his creation with mindfulness to avoid wastefulness of precious resources.



G.O Chic | China


Founded in Shanghai in 2015, G.O Chic is a designer brand of shoes for those that love a minimalist aesthetic and style. Understated but never compromising in quality, the shoe wear brand pursues the ultimate details with a strict selection of high-quality materials, detailed and careful quality production. G.O Chic selection of boots, heels and flats are created to give women more confidence in every step they take, wherever they go.





Founded by Viva Nicole Cheng in 2017, Viva Nicoco’s designs are inspired by geometric shapes and mid-century modern design, creating a playful and timeless appeal with tailoring elements that echo the focal point of a traditional silhouette. Eccentric patterns to architectural women's footwear, each piece carries an attitude of its own.




Liu Chaoying, the founder and design director of the brand, has ten years of experience in the cashmere industry. She is bold and avant-garde, she designs to meet the needs of the younger market that loves cashmere and knitwear but find the existing market to be stale and uninspiring. The brand's design inspiration is “unfinished adolescence”, using bright colours, dare to destroy the design, and using exaggerated contrast techniques. Incorporate the emotional tones of adolescence, such as rebellion, regret, and continuation into the knitwear.



Reinhard Plank Italy


Austrian-born Plank graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna before launching his eponymous label. He settled in Tuscany to immerse himself in the traditional world of millinery. From headbands to Fedoras, the unique designs are crafted from classic materials using conventional production methods, and then skilfully finished with more experimental treatments. The handmade hats and accessories are characterised by their clean lines, neutral tones and directional details.



LANG & LU | South Korea


Launched by two young female South Korean designers, Lang & Lu is the women's clothing brand that specialises in the reinterpretation of Asian motifs through a modernistic perspective. Lang & Lu designs and manufactures its patterns and silhouettes in-house. Lang & Lu is an exciting fashion label that is inspired by the everyday woman who is fun, vibrant, sophisticated and loves fashion but most importantly loves life! The extensive collection is both elegant and wearable for women of all ages, with a great range of styles and cuts focused on flattering and celebrating the feminine figure. 



YEE SI China


Yee Si is an independent designer’s brand based in New York City. Launched in 2017, Yee Si’s collections are inspired by minimalism and clean abstract form. With geometric structure and line, Yee Si creates multidimensional space as its exceptional aesthetic form. 



JOSEFIN C.Sweden/Hong Kong


You-så-fin is the Swedish pronunciation of Josefin, the namesake of the brand.  ”Så fin” means ”so beautiful” in Swedish, and it reflects the pursuit of sophisticated beauty by Josefin C..  Josefin C. created her iconic clutch bag The Luck Box as the perfect accessory to wear for daytime or evening. The outside and the lining of the clutch is made of soft lambskin, while the brushed-gold hardware merges classic vintage design with a modern twist.



HAWA China


Hawa is a jewellery brand founded in Shanghai by two designers, Meggi and Xiaozi. Hawa explores the expression of sheepskin material in the jewellery, using the unique colour and gentle texture of the sheepskin. Combined with the most basic geometric form design, each product is hand-crafted by two designers. Focus on the essence of the style, pursue to make the jewellery unique and exciting.



Shannnam | Hong Kong


With everlasting and a strong passion for handmade accessories, Riyo Chan founded her proprietary brand Shannnam in 2011. "Shannnam" is the romanisation of Riyo's Chinese name, which stands for "mists in the mountains" and exudes an aura of elusive sentimentality.  The jewellery line consists of the three pillars: someone, somewhere, something, to tell a miniature story, to encapsulate scenes of nature and to explore ways to create happiness respectively.





Neu Studio was founded on the foundation to blur the line between art and wearable jewellery. The designer plays with an infinite property of materials, to experiment, shape and reshape, bringing out classical elements in the light of surrealism as connections of vintage and contemporary styles. The wearers of the brand’s jewellery are the ones who are not afraid to interpret and carry the pieces in their ways.





Awaylee, a brand that plays with juxtaposition, was inspired by the designer's experience as an advertiser professional as well as a fashion editor. Her rich experiences give her a unique design style and business acumen. The design of Awaylee reflects the mixing of elements: retro and vanguard; handmade and techno; sweet and tough. Her aesthetic is instantly recognisable—a thinking girl's exploration of light and dark, opaque and translucent, old world and new.





T·Angel, a brand that specializes in distinct and special fabrics that further highlights its three-dimensional designs, was founded by Angel Zhao. T·Angel brand aesthetics is to share the women's generosity, self-confidence, elegance, by wearing a comfortable and excellent style dress; hence each dress achieves 360-degree beauty. The design soul of T· Angel dress is to let women return to the most authentic self. Do not deliberate, do not please, find their unique natural beauty.





Designer EUNHEE CUI founded SHANG1 BY SHANG YI. SHANG1 BY SHANGYI focuses more on the female natural qualities from within. It is fresh, confident, in vogue and smart. Borrowing a less intentional yet more intensive philosophy, helping outlining an elegant and casual image of urban women.





LUCIA TACCI, which exudes a delicate romance of Italian design style, is an exquisite affordable luxury women’s footwear brand.“Elegant, confident and fun” is the idea that communicates perfectly with every woman. Every pair of LUCIA TACCI shoes is made by traditional Italian craftsmanship, presenting design creativity as well as its high quality.





BEN by SONG is an independent accessory brand originated from Shanghai. Products of BEN by SONG are mainly made by leather. They are created via subtractive process, concise yet not simple. All the details seek for purity and soul-striking strength. They are designed for those who have unique aesthetic point of view and always follow their hearts. 





The Namooo designer jewelry brand was founded in Shenzhen in 2013, breaking the value judgment system of traditional jewelry. In addition to the innovative use of precious metals and precious stones, they continue to explore new materials and new techniques, emphasizing through the ingenuity and originality of design. Namooo will provide you with the perfect balance of artistry and practicality that matches your clothing style. With craftsmanship and a stylish attitude, Namooo is committed to delivering a life of self-confidence and freedom. Whether you wear it everyday or attend a party, you can find the right style from Namooo.



RINRATA | Thailand


RINRATA was founded in 2011. As part of the early wave of Thai designers, RINRATA embodies timeless urban elegance whilst the RRT label represents casual glamour. RINRATA strives to satisfy all the needs of the modern day woman through our simple and cutting- edge designs. Sophisticated cuts and artist details make RINRATA's designs stand out. RINRATA is the epitome of contemporary elegance. RINRATA is one of the few fashion brands that does not mass produce but instead hand crafts each piece to suit our customers. Quality products with the finest fabrics and the most intricate craftsmanship is RINRATA'smain focus.





UM JUNG PARK launched UM NEWYORK in 2015. Classic yet modern, functional yet sophisticated. UM handbags are made with the finest Italian leather and carefully selected materials. UM’s vision combines a high-end casual look with traditional craftsmanship. UM is an ideal companion for all women who seek functional beauty on a daily basis.





Established in Hong Kong in 2018, Anthea Cooper’s mission is to inspire women to have a passion and to have fun with what they do and wear. As a brand, we focus on bringing out the natural beauty of each stone to complement your everyday wardrobe. An integral part of our design method is to ensure each piece is timeless and has the versatility to be worn alone or layered; ultimately your jewellery should be a unique expression of your natural beauty.





Jinjoo Baek, member of Korea fashion design association, the founder and head of design for Studio Di Perla. She started her fashion house Studio Di Perla in 2016. Studio Di Perla is a chic, minimalist and sophisticated contemporary women's clothing brand from Korea, with the concept of communicating with costumes and beautifully harmonizing.



Olivia Yao Jewellery | Taiwan


Graduating from MA Jewellery Design at School of Jewellery in Birmingham, Olivia Yao is known for her elegant design that integrates tenderness of the East and innovative spirit of the West. With GIA diamond analyst certificate and years of designer experience, Olivia further ventured her career in London high street jewellery suppliers, absorbing the most exhilarating momentum at the fashion front. In July 2013, Olivia launched her own brand, exhibiting her talent in evolving lines of creations. Olivia Yao Jewellery has since received overwhelming positive responses. She has collaborated with fashion shows, and her works have been presented by television personality.





VIKTORIACHAN is a Swedish designer brand, embodying a blend of structured simplicity and modern sophistication to create the perfect office and evening look for the urban career woman. Established in late 2013, VIKTORIACHAN creates clothes for the independent woman, who seeks to empower herself in her personal style. The philosophy behind the brand is about a woman who walks into a room, where all light is shed on her, not because of the clothes but the woman she becomes in the clothes.



SHUXUAN G. | China


SHUXUAN G. comes from the designer's namesake brand. Designer loves to find inspiration in European history. The retro elements are combined with modern minimalist styles, and the classic yet fashionable styles are integrated into ready-to-wear and swimwear. The main style of the brand is Smart casual, which finds a transition and balance between casual and formal wear. Elegant, casual and modern, breaking the boundaries of dressing occasions. Bring a variety of clothing to today's urban women. The foremost feature of the clothing is to combine vintage elements with fabrics with a sense of future technology, to convey elegant and independent feminine charm.





Cello Sonata is a women clothing designer brand founded in London. Cello Sonata, which incorporates “French Romance and” “British Legend” DNA, creates a variety of styles around women's roles. Designers inject artistic ideas into their work, seek a balance between art and design, adhering to the design concept of elegance and people-oriented, and is committed to creating a worthy investment, showing the wisdom, independence and confidence of urban women.



Anc1.5 Korea


Arc-en-ciel means “Rainbow" in French. Rainbows are a symbol of hope. In order to convey a message of hope to the product, the brand name was chosen. Participating in the Anti-Furness Coalition, developing FAKE-FUR products, the advanced mink stitching method, the ring handmade method is used. Breathing with nature through the natural look, the travel destination designs products that can make you feel excited. 





SPECULUM's line-up is a designer brand with unique design worlds of individuality. SPECULUM means 'mirror' in Latin. Vision: the empathy of the zeitgeist and a brand that communicates with the timeless generation. Mission: highest quality & unique design. Premium material: Highest quality acetate, pure titanium frame; tight control, no compromise cost. Collaboration with global artists, SPECULUM offers collaboration links with artists from various fields.



QULU China


After living and studying in the U.K., Qulu designer, Queena Lu, returned to Shanghai in 2013. She built her experience by working in fine art, interior design and the fashion industry before starting her brand in 2015. Queena believes accessories are not only made to complete a look; on the contrary, they are designed to express emotion and make the wearer unique. Classic, exciting & functional - These are the core concepts at the heart of the design ethic. Qulu line of bags is about a combination of unique textures and colours with classic shapes to create contemporary yet practical pieces for modern women.





Paris, flowers and ballet- Chloe Francis is a ballet shoe brand made to appeal a girl's fantasy and established in Japan in 2013, built upon the fictional character of Chloe Francis, who daydreams of becoming a ballerina one day while living with her florist mother in the outskirts of Paris. The brand use of vibrant colours and delicate, high-quality materials to capture the graceful feminine essence through design.





Hong Kong sunglasses brand People by People was founded in 2014. Referring to the Asian face, its frame is designed to fit and modify the face while avoiding the discomfort caused by the pinching. A variety of lens colors allow people who need to attend different occasions to have more diverse choices. Its competitive price, simple and atmospheric design make it popular among Hong Kong and overseas people. More people can buy quality and design products at an affordable price. 





Gem and the Cast is a contemporary jewelry brand based in Seoul. Every piece is meticulously hand crafted and designed with the concept of: “classic yet unconventional and playful yet sophisticated”. Inspired by traditional and classic jewelry, Gem and the Cast creates unique pieces from deviating the norm and reconstructing the familiar form.



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