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SUPERMINT launches its first concept store in PMQ - PRESS RELEASE

SUPERMINT launches its first concept store in PMQ - PRESS RELEASE
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Hong Kong, August 12, 2022 - SUPERMINT has launched its first Hong Kong store at PMQ today. SUPERMINT is a multi-brand e-commerce platform focusing on Asian designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

Fashion and art enthusiasts can discover the full and latest collection of original clothing and jewellery from cutting-edge designers across Asia all under one roof. SUPERMINT is a growing community, promoting and upholding the values of Asian designers. SUPERMINT will hold exhibitions and workshops every month to help savvy customers connect with the designers and artists to learn about their inspiration and the stories behind their work. First, jewellery designer Carrie Yang will have her workshops and jewellery bespoke service from designing to stone selection and the final step of handcrafting the unique pieces. In addition, SUPERMINT will partner with the art platform Wall Poster Club (WPC), which selects talented artists and stunning artwork worldwide, to host a “Fashion + Art” exhibition in coming September.

Many up-and-coming Asian designers in the fashion industry are more than talented enough to deserve recognition and have their work promoted. SUPERMINT’s mission is to provide designers with a platform to promote themselves and offer business opportunities for these excellent Asian brands to shine. SUPERMINT also provides fashionable, independent, and confident professional women with various clothing and accessories for different social occasions. The products are carefully selected by founder Chloe Zhang. So whether it’s work or dates, there is a piece for every occasion.

 Chloe said, “Modern women are independent and have unique fashion tastes. They don’t always have to follow fashion trends or be coerced by luxury brands. A piece of clothing expresses ideas that can go far beyond the clothing itself. That piece of clothing can be strong in character, practical, high-quality, and classic in design. We also believe we can open up more possibilities for slow fashion and make the fashion journey sustainable.”

 SUPERMINT is now displaying the latest collections this season, including the hot picks workwear collections SHANG1 BY SHANG YI, FEVER WANG, swimwear brand SHUXUAN G. and the concept jewellery brand Re-attach. To celebrate the new store opening, new customers can receive a limited welcome offer from now until 31st August; Enjoy a 15% discount on all orders at the PMQ store during the opening week (Period: 12th August - 19th August).


SUPERMINT is an e-commerce platform from Hong Kong dedicated to curating outstanding fashion designers from across Asia. SUPERMINT selects fashion pieces that are timeless and instil a sense of confidence while striving to promote the advancement of sustainability. 


  1. Promote and bring together up-and-coming Asian designers and designer brands from all over the world, and provide a professional and comprehensive platform to showcase and sell their designs.
  2. A commitment to originality by bringing together unique and timeless pieces. Encourage a new way of thinking about design while also helping to forward the fashion industry as a whole.
  3. A focus on quality through meticulous design work and craftsmanship to deliver long-lasting products.
  4. Sourcing - All projects are made to order or in small batches and adhere to the highest environmental standards, rejecting mass-produced products in poor working conditions.
  5. Protect Designer Rights - Protect original rights and art from imitators.

 Store Address: HG07,G/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Opening Hours: 11AM – 7PM (Tuesday to Sunday; Monday OFF)
Online Store:
Facebook & Instagram:

After being inspired by documentaries exposing the harsh realities of the fashion industry, Chloe was spurred on to make her mark on the fashion industry with an aim to redefine how society consumes and views fashion. Chloe has travelled across a plethora of countries and regions, visiting designer studios and factories large and small, exploring materials and productions, and carefully selecting original designs that embrace the same values as her SUPERMINT brand.

Chloe grew up in Mainland China and has previously lived in Singapore. She is a registered auctioneer of contemporary and Southeast Asian art.

Carrie Puyuan Yang is a Hong Kong based Jewellery Designer and a former student of Central Saint Martins. After graduating with 1st class honours from BA Jewellery Design, Puyuan Yang’s work was acquired as a permanent collection of Central Saint Martins Museum. Her works were exhibited at the Architectural biennial in Hong Kong and the V&A museum in London. In 2018 she joined Loupe designer residency programme initiated by the Chow Tai Fook, and her commercial jewellery collection was launched in the same year at Ontime show in Shanghai.

Her jewellery company is one of the graduated companies from Design Incubate Programme managed by the Hong Kong Design Centre. Carrie’s design blurs the line between art and wearable jewellery. The designer plays with indefinite property of materials, to experiment, shape and reshape, bringing out classical elements in the light of surrealism as connections of vintage and contemporary styles. Her brand also offers personalised jewellery services from designing to stone selection and the final step of handcrafting the unique pieces.

Wall Poster Club (WPC) is a platform for talented artists worldwide. WPC’s mission believes that everyone should be able to enjoy and collect the art they love. Therefore, everyone can select their favourite art pieces and experience the real story behind the work.
Instagram: @wallposterclub

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Miss Karen Cheung (Marketing & PR Team, SUPERMINT Limited)


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