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Growth Ring Earrings

Growth Ring Earrings
Growth Ring Earrings
Growth Ring Earrings
Growth Ring Earrings

Designer: Grace-H

$104.00 USD


  • copper
  • Copper plated with gold

Size & Fit: 

  • 19.06mm*1.96mm
  • Weight: Approximately 4.3g/pcs

 About Grace-H | China

Grace H is a demi-fine jewellery Chinese designer brand, created by Grace Liu. One of the more established brands, it is well-received by the growing fans in China. Grace H has won numerous awards and nominations in the past, including the Italian A’ Design Award. Combining her love for the East and Western, her designs fuses perfectly the new perception of “Beauty”, executed by her eastern tooling method and balanced by her western experience. The artisans believed that each item possesses a soul, and within each piece, they have a different personality. Chinese celebrities such as Cherrie Yang, Lin Yun, Lin Yuan, and Joe Chan Qiao En are fans of the brand.


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