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Small Strip Ring

Small Strip Ring
Small Strip Ring
Small Strip Ring
Small Strip Ring
Small Strip Ring

Designer: NAMOOO

$104.00 USD


  • Eco-friendly copper plated with platinum
  • Swarovski rhinestones

Size & Fit: 

  • Weight 5.7g
  • Wide ring: The band is about 12 mm at its widest point and 5 mm at its narrowest point
  • Thin ring: Shank thickness about 2mm

About Namooo | China

The Namooo designer jewelry brand was founded in Shenzhen in 2013, breaking the value judgment system of traditional jewelry. In addition to the innovative use of precious metals and precious stones, they continue to explore new materials and new techniques, emphasizing through the ingenuity and originality of design. Namooo will provide you with the perfect balance of artistry and practicality that matches your clothing style. With craftsmanship and a stylish attitude, Namooo is committed to delivering a life of self-confidence and freedom. Whether you wear it everyday or attend a party, you can find the right style from Namooo.


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